Introducing SIDuino

October, 13th 2011
A MOS6581, the first version of SID chip


SIDuino is a library made to connect a SID chip to an Arduino board.

If you ever played a game on a Commodore64, then you should remember that unmistakable, dirty, fat sound: the SID was the "sound interface" of the C64.

A few years ago I bought a Commodore64 on ebay and built the MidiBox SID, a great project by Thorsten Close, and I just wanted to do some experiments with Arduino.

If you need a SID-based synthesizer, then this is not the right project for you: try building a MidiBox SID instead or buying one of those nice Elektron synthesizers. But if you want to explore the possibilities of the SID synthesizer engine, then this library is the right choice.

In the next weeks I will publish the source code, so stay tuned!