A free plugin for all your clock needs

The VST version of the plugin in Ableton Live 9.7
Throb is a free and open-source JUCE based plugin that generates clock/reset signals synchronised with the host tempo. It is currently available for Windows (VST2 and VST3, 32/64 bit) and OS X (VST2, VST3 and AU 32/64 bit).
The user interface is pretty simple: a knob to set the multiplier and three radio buttons to configure the clock resolution.
The multiplier is an automation parameter and therefore can be controlled using the respective host functionality. Both the multiplier and the resolution (ppqn) settings are serialized to the preset chunk.
You won't need a DC coupled audio interface, but please avoid sending the output of the plugin directly to your speakers/headphones.

You can download the latest release here, and get the source code on the GitHub repository.

If you want to create your own plugins using JUCE and cmake and don't want to waste time configuring the build environment and setting up continuous integration using Travis CI and Appveyor, take a look at my audio-plugin-project-template. It offers:

  • Travis CI integration (OS X builds)
  • Appveyor integration (Windows builds)
  • Automatic deployment of release binaries using GitHub releases
  • JUCE/cmake integration
  • JUCE and VST3 sdk as submodules
  • A simple example (a gain control plugin)
Take a look at the main page of the repository for the documentation. 
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